[Gedeon Burkhard] 1998
   [The Rex-Winner] 1999
   [At the set of "Inspector Rex"] 1999
   [WDR-Köln about Gedeon] 2000
   [Only the dog stayed with him] 2000
   [Laudatio for TopSpot-Silber 2000] 2000
   [Back on screen] 2002
   [Playing golf in Rif] 2002
   [Film: "Das bisschen Haushalt"] 2002


    Inspector Rex Theme [A Good Friend]
    Made available by: KR-online.

    Autograph-adress: Gedeon Burkhard
c/o Elisabeth von Molo
Nymphenburger Strasse 154
80634 München


   [You need courage to put your pants off] 1998
   [At the beginning I called him "Diva"] *
   [Ronny Zeller talking to Gedeon] 1999
   [Nina Peter: «I fell in love with an illusion»] 2000
   [The quality must be right] 2000