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July 3rd, 1969 in Munich

178 cm (5' 10'')


Wolfgang u. Elisabeth, née v. Molo Molo


Acting since the age of 10

Best actor in: "Acting It Out (Little sharks)"
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Gedeon Burkhard was born in Munich on the 3rd of July in 1969. School was for him a minor matter - serveral times he was kicked out 'cause of bad behaviour. At the very first time in the 3rd class because he played the role of a solo entertainer for his classmates. His odyssey along different educational establishments took him finally to the english Rudolf-Steiner School. At the age of eight he was absolutly sure of his profession: actor. This profession has allready become a tradition in his family. His great-grandfather was the first "Jedermann" at the Festivals of Salzburg. Also his mother, Liesel von Molo, is a actress.

By the good offices from a good friend of the family he was actting the first time at the age of ten for a TV-film. "Blut und Ehre - Jugend unter Hitler" was one of the most important work of his time as a child star. This film won many awards and got international recognition. As a teenager Burkhard took dancing lessons but his career as a ballet-dancer ended with a fracture.

In the past he played a role in two, very successful German movies: "Acting It Out (Little Sharks)" and "Making Up". Last time we saw him on TV was in "Superfire" and we expect to see him again in the near future in "YU".

Gedeon Burkhard loves his Pontiac '72, noble suits, dry Martinis, the wit of Harald Schmidt and wind surfing.

Source: SAT1 (Translation: LG)