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TAP's for the TMS/SRP from Topfield


Use << and >> keys in videotext to jump to pages from an ini-file. The pages are defined in the file BetterVideoText.ini.
Setting Pages4Channel_1 .. Pages4Channel_9 for the channels:
First entry for the channel, then until 25 pagenumbers. The setting Pages4Channel_0 wll be used for not defined channels.
Optional to create a black margin around the standard videotext, so that the TV picture does not disturb reading the text.
The ini file will only be read at the start of the tap.

Sample for an ini file: BetterVideoText.ini

Download: BetterVideoText V0.34 (06.12.2015)

Download Source: BetterVideoText V0.34 (06.12.2015)

To decompress the tgz-file use e.g. Total Commander, WinRAR or 7-Zip.