As you might have found out visiting my page I'm interested in a lot of different things. My mother tongue is German (sort of). Any offences therefore are most probably caused by my bad command of the English language and are not intentional. Nevertheless I decided to write in English. It took me quite some time to set up these pages and I was far too lazy for quite some time to do them in more than one language. Now, after some requests I did a German version. Don't say, I didn't warn you ;-)

Besides of working for a living (which is quite fun but takes a lot of time though) my main hobbies are:

Rock climbing

I think, I started rock climbing about the time I learned to walk. Most of the time without any equipment but a sturdy hemp rope it was pretty different to the way I practise climbing today. Some years ago I started to teach climbing at the "Österreichischer Touristenklub". You may meet me there if you join in for a year's course. Sometimes I'm teaching at weekend courses or at the indoor climbing center as well. My favourite areas are the Hohe Wand and the Höllental (both places within 100km of Vienna).

Most people spending their free time in the mountains just use the infrastructure like paths, signs, ladders, wired railings etc. All these little helpers have to be taken care of. Together with a group of friends I worked throughout 2000 and 2001 to restore the ladders and railings along the "Wachthüttelkamm", part of the long distance trail No. 01 leading through the Northern Alps. In May 2001 we restored the "Wagnersteig", as we did the "Teufelsbadstuben-Steig" during August 2001. Fixing the last part of the path to the Matrashaus (Hochkönig) in 2002 was a quick but demanding action. We spent 3 days at an altitude of nearly 3000m working hard to restore the metal railing and ladders. The latest project was the restoration of the Geißlochsteig in 2004 where I had to jump out of the helicopter (and later on had to climb in again) while hovering above ground (nice description for a shear slope of rocks) when we transported the material to its destination along the path.

Rock climbing to me is like vertical dancing. It's the best way to feel a mountain from bottom to top. Just go out and do it!

Motor biking *

Getting driving lessons as a present may change your life. At least it added lots of fun to mine. I got my driving licence at the age of 32 which isn't exactly the local average. Fighting the motor bike from the first day on it turned out to be my favourite later on. I did about 2500km in cars ever since but over 100000km riding motor bikes. Says it all?

As a starter for the season I'm attending a technical driving training at our local automobile association's training ground every year (that's where the photo was taken).

I started off with a friend's Kawasaki Z-400. He asked me to move it a bit. He got it back about 10000km later ( I rode it to Scotland for a four weeks holiday). After this first experience I bought a Kawasaki Z-500. It wasn't the latest model either (1982). After two years I had to scrap it because the brakes didn't work well and starting the engine turned out to be worse than a wodoo ritual. My current bike is a Kawasaki ER-5 (Twister). It's great value compared to the costs and real fun to ride. It passed 50000km in 2003 during a trip to Switzerland.

*) To compensate for my well known bad style in dressing I wear a white leather bow tie to my black leather garment on special occasions.


I'm living at N48º 12.950' E16º 19.934' (WGS84) most of the time. According to a change in the local law my address should be mentioned here too but they have to find out if they're really interested :-) The way I use to travel I meet lots of interesting, sometimes strange people. Most of the others find me strange too :-) Travelling lightweight is the only sensible way to me. Therefore there might be some stories about trips in the future but most probably only under-water-photos, mostly out of limited web space and because I think, there are already so many pictures available on the net.

Recent trips

Trips in the (near) future

Scuba diving *

The greatest fun I ever had in wet rubber. It all started with a solid hydrophobia. To get rid of it, finally, I registered at a diving school and got my PADI Open Water Diver license a month later. Since that time I enjoy scuba diving a lot. Some of my recent projects therefore cover this topic. In the meantime I did a few dives (and got my Advanced Open Water license), mainly in alpine lakes in Austria and in the Mediterranean Sea. A friend gave me his old Nikonos III camera and so I started to take pictures during my holidays again after nearly 20 years of absolutely lightweight travel (you can't travel lightweight when diving with your own equipment anyway).

Speciality: Lifestyle DiverThe development in digital photography convinced me to buy an Olympus E20 digital camera and an underwater housing. There are already a couple of photos in my gallery. Maybe even more if I get additional web space. My current project is an uw-housing for an Olympus E-1.

My yellow neoprene rubber bow tie has been stolen on June 26th, 2001 in Vodice, Croatia while I prepared for a dive. If you happen to see somebody wearing it, please give him/her a kick in the ass. Thanks. In the meantime I have got a replacement. Have a close look who you're kicking in the ass. Thanks.

*) My bright yellow neoprene rubber bow tie is a must for a stylish night dive. In order to wear it, you'll need a rare Speciality Diver licence ;-) For a sort of "Lazy bad kid" dive I've recently built a neoprene rubber cap.

The secret of "der flinkfüssige Fussler"

On my 38th birthday I had to attend a rather boring meeting at the office. Absent minded I started to draw along the margin of my papers. Amongst other things was the picture of a scuba diver. In the evening I went to a thermal spa to have a nice time with my girlfriend. I saw an advertisement for a free try-out at the diving school for the next day. We decided to have a try (she was already scuba diving for about 11 years that time) and so it all began.

The picture turned out to get my logo I'm now using on my stamp and in the log. Now what's behind the name? It roughly translates as "quick feeted producer/collector of fluff" and refers to the visibility behind me when diving. I'm working on this, I promise! It must be something genetic because I'm even collecting fluff with my slippers in a cleanroom. According to recent observations I'm not that bad anymore. At least not under water.

Finally, I managed to find a hobby where I don't have to wear a helmet most of the time and without the constant risk of falling off something :-)

Tools corner

I feel naked without my tools. Especially without a knife. There's a 1001 good causes (or at least excuses) for me to carry a selection of tools. For good stories and a source of further excuses, follow the links.

"I've never seen a man that well equipped before" Wayne Bridgman (New Zealand) after seeing the contents of my bag and pockets spread out on table at Thurso Youth Hostel (Scotland), in summer 1998.

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