Dive Log is an approach to design the "ultimate" paper based dive log. In order to achieve this, Dive Log features:

Symbols are preferred to text to assure language independence where ever possible. The log form contains fields for:

The current design features metric units (ltr, kg, m, bar) and German language labels where written text is used. The medical examinations forms show text in German, English, French and Arabic.

I've chosen the filofax® PAK folder because of the sturdy outdoorish design. It has a lot of zippers to keep things of all kinds in or out. The inlays are well protected by the water resistant cover. You may use any other 6-ring folder for 81x120mm inlays as well.

Download a sample of pages in Adobe PDF format.

I'm using the current design since 2001. There's nothing I want to change. I only added a few new forms (rip-off passport photos, equipment service tables, notes with number and grid only, photo index, address and contacts, dive profile plots, maps).

Infos, suggestions, ideas: please mail -- Last update 2003-12-01