Creative Dive Wear  is my answer to the ragged and badly dressed divers around the world.

Imagine a night dive with dresscode! Seeing lobsters and not being properly dressed. What a shame. On the other hand, would you like to go out for a quick dive in the afternoon – over-dressed?

To solve all those problems I designed a few items:

A yellow neoprene rubber bow-tie for official purposes and festivities. It is made from yellow/gray 3mm neoprene. It is fixed with a velcro strap around the neck and makes a nice contrast to my dark wetsuit. The ideal add-on for a night dive or an underwater wedding.

My most recent development is a black neoprene rubber cap. It's the right outfit for a nice afternoon dive with your friends. The sturdy 5mm material is glued and sewn to make it sturdy. I took care that the shield is short enough (50mm) to allow a jump without losing the cap.

To get a template for the segments I derived a formula and plotted it with Excel. The main body consists of 6 segments. I glued a 3mm neoprene strip around the edge. It smoothes the segments, gives a nice hold and supports the shield. A 20mm ribbon fixed to the rear side is used to adjust the circumfence.

The "Flinkfüssiger Fussler" logo is a must to enhance the mean and casual look.

Infos, suggestions, ideas: please mail -- Last update 2003-12-01