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All Images: Copyright (C) Helge Wernhard S

You are not allowed to use any of the images presented on my pages without my written permission. Feel free to mail if you want to use one. The original images are available in 2560x1920.


Keep your fingers off!All images presented on my site are taken "as is". That means: as little interference with animals or plants as possible. I didn't move or re-position any of my "models". They're all in their natural environment as I spotted them. I took special care to keep off any "bystanders" to minimize the impact to the environment. No digging into the ground, sitting/standing on corals or the like. I missed quite a lot of chances for "a good photo" due to this behaviour. It's simply not fair to manipulate and disturb the environment this way. Please, stick to some ethics when diving or taking photos too. Thanks.

Currently on display

North Sulawesi (Lembeh, Bunaken), May 2004


Mxico Veracruz, Tuxpan, Manantial de la Media Luna, Puente de Dios, May 2003

Austrian lakes:
Fernsteinsee, Samerangersee, Puckinger See, July 2002
Weissensee, June 2003

Cyprus, October 2003: colour, b&w 
(I couldn't decide weather to show colour or B&W, so here are both versions)

Philippines, March/April 2002

Archaeological excavations: Klopeinersee, Austria, May 2002

Sudan, Red Sea, October 2002

Technical stuff

I bought myself an Olympus E-1. It's currently going to be housed. For more information about it see my pages on UW-housings. All pictures before 2005 are taken with an Olympus E-20 and HLX video lights.

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