Although you get nearly every accessory you want for a camera, there's always something you can't buy off the shelf. I'm introducing projects on this page that I initiated or worked out myself to provide a few (hopefully) useful accessories to the photo community. I don't sell the stuff. I even won't build a small series (unless there are loads of people requesting me to do so). If you like to know more details about the projects, please don't hesitate to call me.

Macro Bouncer

Doing lots of close-ups and macro shots I wanted to guide my strobe light exactly towards the subject. A camera mounted strobe is very limited in regard to this. As a cheap alternative to dedicated macro strobes like ring strobes I designed the Macro Bouncer. It mainly consists of a rail to mount the camera, a handle and a flexible arm to position the strobe. The base rail has two slots along the right and left edge to mount e.g. a grip strap. The flexible arm may be extended or shortened to you needs.

The image shows the E-1 with the 50mm macro lens and the Metz MZ54 strobe. The strobe is connected through the FL-CB05 hot shoe cable allowing full TTL exposure control with a dedicated system strobe. The cable is fixed to the arm with a velcro strap. The handle is from a common bicycle handle bar (22mm diameter). At the top of the arm is a bolt with a " tripod screw so you may mount nearly everything that isn't too heavy for the arm.

All metal parts of the rig are anodized in black to minimize reflections and give it a nice surface finish (and to look professional cool, of course).

Olympus E-System Remote Control

I'm currently working on an application to remote control Olympus E-Series cameras. The application will support bracket series for DRI images and is built around the Olympus remote control SDK. If you have any suggestions on functionality, please tell me.

Olympus E-System Twain driver

I've built a prototype of a TWAIN driver for Olympus E-System cameras (currently E-1, E-300, E-330, E-500). It is still very basic. Images may be captured with the settings already set on the camera. The camera may be switched into User Control mode to change settings. A future version will allow the setting of exposure parameters (aperture, shutter speed) through the Twain driver user interface. If you like to test the Beta version, please drop me a mail.

Olympus E-500 portrait grip

Olympus didn't provide a battery grip for the E-500, nor do I. What I did is designing a grip that allows to hold the camera better in portrait orientation (and in landscape orientation as well, if you have large hands). It doesn't feature a release button because the E-500 lacks the needed contacts. It also doesn't allow extra batteries. This would have made it too expensive to build. The grip is mounted to the camera with a screw (with a coin-size slot) through the tripod mount. The grip has two slots where you may fix a wrist strap and an additional shoulder strap. Please drop me a line if you're interested.

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