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The Radasm IDE. Radasm is an Editor for MASM32, TASM, FASM, HLA,NASM and GOASM assembler syntax.

Update 29.01.2005: MASM32 version2 has been released. Ketil O. released Radasm Since i wrote the tutorial his IDE became quite professionell. Full source-code for Radasm version 1.0 is now released for download. You can get it from here.

Update 06.03.2003: Radasm is written by Ketil O. You can get the complete files from his website. Links are on the left side. To use his Radasm Editor with MASM32 (like in this tutorial) you still need the Microsoft Macro Assembler for windows32 MASM32. You can get this from hutch`s page. Since microsoft stoped support he took care of it and brought us a basic editor and lots of tools and a complete library ready to use. Since i assume you prefer writing windows applications with a resource RADASM is the perfect choice. In the comming tutorials i ll try to get you started from the very basics.

The good news is RADASM is almost as good as the VB IDE.
Radasm by Ketil O. lets you create your first windows application in 30 seconds, the bad news is you
have to deal with the complete windows API and of course step by step assembler itself -
but i can promise you with the RADASM IDE its quite fun.
I assume you already own a FREE copy of Radasm Ketil O. and have it unzipped somewhere
on your harddrive. Installation is not required. If you (like me ) having MASM32 not installed on
drive c:\ then you have to edit the MASM.ini File where [Paths] you enter the correct path.
(in my case i had to change c:\ to d:\ )

To open Radasm project files with RADASM you have to right click a *.rap file and select open with Radasm (be sure to check always open with) .

Once again: Radasm is not a compiler/linker, it s an editor for various assembler syntax`
You need a FREE copy of the MASM32 package.. When installing be sure to have your antivirus turned off cause some parts might alarm it. See following link for more information
December 2003 Hutch released Service Pak 1 for Masm v8. For some samples on this side you need this service pak. (Not for the tutorials)
You can get this service pak and information about it at the Masm32 Forum.

While i am writing this Tutorial the current version of Radasm is
Please be sure to always grab the latest version cause Ketil O. is really hard working on it
and improving it alot. He is still not finished and while you are reading this there
is a new version out.
I assume you already have some ideas about the windows API and/or the assembly language.If not its not that bad cause we are starting right from the beginning. There is also a helpfile available for the RADASM IDE that helps you understand Radasm`s settings and its tons of addins. This file is available at the Radasm Website.



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