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Kiki Land
Kiki land is a magic landscape that changes with RL seasons and is always worth a vist. Enjoy to wander around and have a relaxing time.
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LX Photography
Laoin Xaris shows Real life Contemporary Art Photography and on third floor an exhibit of SL Pictures to great places in Bay City.
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Italian Village Ciampi
The Italian Village Ciampi is a nicely detailed typical italian village that also is a nice reminder to my holidays in Italy for me.
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AZ Tucson Western RP (German language)
10 years of Western Roleplay on Tucson 1866. If you don't speak german - its still worth visiting!
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Japan Tempura Island
One of the remarkable made places in SL - Website:
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Sommergewitter since March 2015
Rain in the summer - raining since 2015!
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Art Of Light and more on MetaLES
MetaLES is a space of virtual Art with changing exhibitions - always worth to have a look at
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Rustic Retreat
Wander through a natural space with lots of little wonders
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