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Store file local variables without changing the file's contents. Add the variable's symbol to `file-properties-list', and the variable will be automatically saved and restored. Candidates would be:

In addition, overlays can be stored too (see `file-properties-overlays').

By default, the file-properties of file /there/here/this.txt will be stored in /there/here/.props/this.txt (see `file-properties-subdir'). This variable can be tweaked, so that properties for files in unwriteable directories are stored in ~/.props/filename. This means you can store file local variables for files for which you don't have writing permisson. A third stratey is to mark files with unique IDs -- see `file-properties-define-unique-id'.

Installation: Put (require 'file-properties) (file-properties-install) into your startup/user init file.


`file-properties-add', `file-properties-remove'
Add and remove a variable to or from the file's property list.
`file-properties-overlay-add', `file-properties-overlay-remove'
Add and remove overlays containing a specific symbol.
`file-properties-add-special', `file-properties-remove-special'
Add or remove a mode setting function or a hook function.
Write the property file.
`file-properties-install', `file-properties-deinstall'
Add and remove file-properties.el specific hooks.
Insert a unique ID for the current buffer. From then on, this ID will be used for storing file properties under `file-properties-uniquedir'.


A list of file-properties that should be stored in the property file.
A list of symbols or plists identifying overlays that should be stored.
Ignore these properties when dumping overlays.
Definition of "special" properties.
A buffer local variable defining the properties file -- relative to the current buffer's/file's location. Use this to force the use of a non-standard properties file.

Known Problems


Requirements: tellib

v1.3: file-properties.el.gz

All elisp files on this site: tellib.tar.gz

Version history

  1. Renamed "properties" to "file-properties"; directory properties; `file-properties-dirty-flag'; catch errors, when `file-properties-read' fails; `file-properties-get-file-desc', `file-properties-verify-file-desc'; `file-properties-do-nothing'; `file-properties-define-unique-id'.
  2. Save some modes and hooks too -- see `file-properties-add-special'.
  3. Save and restore some overlays; better control over where to save properties files (see `file-properties-location')
  4. Initial release

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