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Download, Installation, and Usage
Keybindings in `dired' or `ibuffer'
Currently supported modes for inclusion groups


This package is inspired by the Alpha editor's filesets. filesets.el adds a new menu to the menubar, each submenu of which holds the files of a fileset. A fileset is either a list of files, all files matching some regular expression, a directory tree, or an inclusion group--i.e. files included by means of a syntactic construct in one master file.

filesets.el makes it easy to open frequently accessed files. In conjunction with external viewers for formats like PDF or HTML, filesets.el can be used to browse all your documentation.

There are several ways of working on whole filesets. Files can be opened or closed at once; and you can run arbitrary programs or functions on them.

Press on the first item in the submenu to open all files at once. Select "Customize" from the filesets menu to adapt this program to your needs. Select "Edit Filesets" to list the files you're frequently working on.

Download, Installation, and Usage

Step 1: Decide if you want to use tellib.el (this is a library of miscellaneous elisp functions I also use in other elisp programs) or not.

With tellib.el you need:
filesets2.el, filesets-tellib.el, tellib.el
Without tellib.el you need:
filesets2.el, filesets-emacs.el

In case you're using a version of FSF Emacs prior to 21.3, you also need filesets-suppl.el.

Or download all elisp files on this site: tellib.tar.gz

Install these files somewhere in your `load-path' so that Emacs can find them.

Step 2: Add the following to your init file:

Depending on if you installed tellib.el, insert

(require 'filesets-tellib) or (require 'filesets-emacs)


(filesets-install t)

into your startup file. The filesets menu will be added to the menu bar.

If you want support for `dired' or `ibuffer', you should also insert:


Step 3: Define filesets. This can be done by

Caveat: Fileset names have to be unique.

Step 4: Save your customizations. If you set `filesets-cache-save-often-flag', your customizations and filesets' cache will be saved automatically after every change to the filesets definitions.

Keybindings in `dired' or `ibuffer'

New key bindings for `dired' and `ibuffer':
'C-x f A'add marked buffers to a fileset
'C-x f a'add buffer at line to a fileset

In dired only:
'C-x f t'make a new fileset of type :tree from the directory at line
'C-x f v'display the file at line (possibly using an external viewer)

Currently supported modes for inclusion groups


Documentation: Draft

You need at least 2 files:

The core file. (Change Log)
If you don't have tellib.el installed.
If you have tellib.el installed, use this one instead of filesets-emacs.el.
A library of Elisp functions (see tellib).
For use with older versions of Emacs (<= 21.2).

All elisp files on this site: tellib.tar.gz

In case you're updateing from version 1.5 or older, please read CompEmacsFilesetsUpdOneSix.

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