Violent Devoties was found in September 2000 by Gerald Valentin (guitar) and Manuel Rainer (drums). As they did some tracks Heiko E. joined the band as a singer and in march 2001 Claudio K. came as a bass player. With that line-up Violent Devoties played their first gig in Slovenia with Prospect at famous Club K4.

At the ´Show no mercy Festival´ (April 2001) Claudio and Gerald had some problems  with singer Heiko. A few days later the whole band deceided to kick him out of the band. From this time up Claudio took place of the singer. A lot of gigs with famous bands like Six Feet Under, Macabre, Vader, Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Krabathor, Fleshcrawl... followed before the band booked TST Studio (Disastrous Murmur...) to record their first album ´Grind Bitch Perversions´ with Producer Reinhard Trost. This recording includes 9 tracks of old school Death Metal. After that release in Sep. 2001 (released by Metal Wrath Music) the band played a lot of gigs in Austria,Slovenia and Germany. They also got offers to play with Behemoth, God Dethroned, Night In Gales etc.

In summer 2002 Violent Devoties begun to write new songs for a new record. In October 2002 Resound Records re-released "Grind Bitch Perversions" with new artwork and one bonus track "Zombie Amok", recorded live at the Orpheum Graz. New gigs in Austria, Slovenia and Hungary followed. At the moment the band is just looking for some good recording studios to record their next release "To eve the art of gore". The band is also just working out a Split release.

The lyrics of Violent Devoties describe the situation of the world, the war against/for religions or are just filled with splatter stories.